Return & Exchange

Return Goods Policy: Subject to applicable law, Seller will process returned goods for Products purchased from Seller, in accordance with its then standard Return Goods Policy. Seller’s current Return Good Policy is as follows:

All requests for the return of Products must have a return authorization number issued by Seller’s customer service department. The return authorization number can be requested by clicking the "Contact Us" link, located at the bottom of all Medsitis webpages, and providing your order number as reference. Although the best way to contact us is by filling out the below form, you may choose to call us at (512) 686-8499 or email at

All returned Products must be: (i) returnable to Supplier; (ii) in the original unopened packaging; and (iii) in resalable condition, unless such Products are not in original unopened packaging or resalable condition due to the fault of Seller.

Products that are: (a) special order Products; (b) custom Products; (c) Products not available for general or unrestricted distribution; (d) gift cards; (e) Products deemed unsanitary; (f) fabrics; (g) Hazardous materials; (h) flammable liquids or gases; and (i) clearance Products are not returnable (j) hygiene/personal use products (used or new) are not returnable.

The amount of credit on any given return, as described below, will be issued no later than thirty (30) days after the receipt of the merchandise and necessary documentation and the examination and inspection of such return at the local Seller distribution center.

Products shipped in error by Seller and nonconforming Products – FULL CREDIT – if notified within five (5) days and returned within thirty (30) days of date of invoice.

Products shipped that are damaged or do not meet Seller standard quality – FULL CREDIT – if notified within five (5) days and returned within thirty (30) days of date of invoice.

Locally or Non-locally stocked Products notified within fourteen (14) days and returned within thirty  (30) days of date of invoice – 20% RESTOCKING CHARGE.

Locally stocked Products notified after fourteen (14) days and returned after thirty (30) days of date of invoice – 40% RESTOCKING CHARGE.

Non-locally stocked Products that are notified after (14) days returned after thirty (30) days of date of invoice - 50% RESTOCKING CHARGE (plus any additional costs incurred in returning such Products to Supplier).

At anytime if the Supplier is deemed not at fault Buyer will be responsible for any shipping cost incoming and/or outgoing. Supplier will reserve the right to waive any such fees at Supplier discretion.

Notwithstanding anything above to the contrary, Buyer shall receive FULL CREDIT on any Products returned as the result of a recall or defective condition. It is the responsibility of the Buyer to report any recalls they have acquired knowledge of immediately. Any items received defective must be reported within fifteen (15) days.

Seller is not responsible for items shipped by Buyer without proper authorization or shipped to addresses not expressly instructed in writing.

Buyer is responsible for dispatching products that are rejected for non-compliance. Any package not dispatched within five (5) days from written notice will be disposed as unusable goods.

A Credit Memo will automatically be emailed to the email address provided by Buyer stating refund amount.

Buyer must provide a tracking number to Seller upon request.

Buyer is responsible for the delivery of the return to Seller’s authorized facility.


Exchange. Exchanges are only acceptable if the Buyer has received a damaged Product and the Buyer requests an exact same Product. Buyer must notify Seller within Five (5) days of the occurrence. Seller will be responsible for all costs associated with the exchange of said transaction.

Late or Missing Refunds. If the Buyer’s refund is not received the following steps must be taken:

Buyer must re-check statement received from their financial institution.

Contact financial institution and confirm institution polices, as some institutions take longer than others to post credits to statements.

Seller recommends, to prevent excessive efforts from all parties involved, Buyer should consult Buyer’s financial institution in an informative manner instead of a complaint as this delays any credits due to financial institute’s investigation of the incident and may cause unnecessary chargeback.

It is not the intent of Seller to prevent Buyer from initiating a chargeback; Refer to “Chargeback” section above.

Seller issues Credit Memo, only, after the Credit Memo is extended to the processor