Auto Reorder


Automatically receive a new shipment of the medical supplies you need at the scheduled interval of your choice.

Ever run out of medical supplies and wished there was a way to automatically refill your current inventory without having to lift a finger? Our convenient Auto Reorder Program is exactly what you need! Auto-Reorder is a simple program that will automatically place your order for you at a regularly scheduled interval of your choice.

Free Regular Shipping to the US

When you create an Auto-Reorder at checkout you will receive Free Regular Shipping to the US on orders over $49.99 right in your shopping cart.

Choose an Interval that Fits your Schedule

You'll want to select a frequency that will make sure you receive your new supply before your current inventory runs out. We will only offer recommendations, if beneficial, at checkout; you can continue with this suggestion or select a different interval. You can change the interval at any time directly from your account. This allows you to be in full control of your inventory levels at all time.

Pay as You Go

You'll be charged only as each order is shipped. The amount charged each time will reflect the price of the items in your Auto-Reorder on the day the order is processed. Please Note: A valid Credit Card is required for all Auto-Reorders. 

E-mail Reminders

10 days before an order is created from your Auto-Reorder we will send you an e-mail reminding you that an order will be created on the Next Order Date set in the Auto-Reorder, as well as a notification in case your credit card on file has expired. If you do not contact us to deactivate the auto reorder we will automatically place the order on the Next Order date scheduled and send you a receipt confirming the creation of the order. 

Update Your Auto-Reorder at Your Convenience

Go to the "Manage Your Auto-Reorders" section in Your Account at any time to change the Next Order Date and/or frequency of your Auto-Reorder, as well as the item quantity, billing address, shipping address, or payment method. Changes are applied immediately. (Please Note: Changes to an Auto-Reorder only affect future orders created from the Auto-Reorder screen, NOT orders already created. To make a change to an order created from an Auto-Reorder you will need to contact Customer Service.) 

Cancel Your Auto-Reorder at Any Time

Cancel your Auto-Reorder at any time, online in "Manage Your Auto-Reorders" found in Your Account (available 24 hours a day)